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Le Tour De Langkawi Stage 8

Stage 8 - Kuala Pilah to Jasin

Sunday, 30 January 2011 | 156.5 km

Start venue:
Jalan Perpatih, Kuala Pilah
Start time: 1100 hrs
Finish venue: Jasin, Melaka
Estimated time of arrival: 1419 hrs

Stage 8 Rider List

Stage Summary

Stage 8 - January 30 - Kuala Pilah-Jasin (156.5km)
The race remains in Negri Sembilan for another tricky stage, beginning in the serene surroundings of Kuala Pilah. And the start brings the peloton right into winding roads and undulating terrain, towards the first intermediate sprint in Bahau and the first KOM section of the day, which is a category 4 climb at Jempol, 27.4km into the stage.
It is then bumpy, with small undulations as the peloton heads towards the next category 4 climb at Palong after 50.3km.
The next 72km offers the peloton a chance for respite and all the way to Gemencheh where the second intermediate sprint of the day awaits them, having completed 122.7km, and it will by then be all about the sprinters unless some breakaways surface. One more intermediate sprint comes to provide a warm-up for the expected bunch sprint finish, at the 141.2km point in Selandar. The peloton will then gather itself for a tricky finish that awaits them in Jasin. Many will predict a bunch sprint to decide the outcome of this stage, but it might not always be the case.
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